Pokemon HG/SS & Platinum Savegame R4 NDS

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Pokemon HG/SS & Platinum Savegame R4 NDS

Post  SteeL0_ on Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:26 pm

Pokemon HG/SS & Platinum Savegame R4 NDS


i am new to this forum, i watched the vids on youtube from Pokemon HG/SS and Platinum.

i was wondering of someone had samegame files that includes legendary pokemons, or complete pokedex entries, because i want to trade them to my own Nintendo DS.

like example, from darklightneutral savegame from Soulsilver he has celibi and mew , can i get that savegame file ? please ?

on Nintendo DS you dont have al the celibi and mew, arceus events, so i was wondering is someone could upload it

i want to complete my pokedex,




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