Pokemon HGSS on NO$GBA

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Pokemon HGSS on NO$GBA Empty Pokemon HGSS on NO$GBA

Post  Smurf on Tue May 04, 2010 5:30 pm

Can anybody please show me where to get a working 100% english HG or SS rom for the NO$GBA please I would really appreciate it. And I've tried everyone on this site so far but so many them were from 2009 and there all gone now so I cant download the good ones so please someone help me. I also have the DeSmeME emulator with a HG and SS rom and there working fine but the only problem is that it's to slow maybe its my computer but if there is a way to make it go faster can someone tell me and I've tried putting the frames up but that makes more laggier so yeah I need help please.


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